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Coming Soon!

High Altitude Collies is excited to announce a litter due late December 2023 from Terra x Pike!  This pairing will produce beautiful Rough Collie puppies in many colors - sable, tri-color, sable merle, blue merle, and color-headed-whites - with supurb temperament and movement!

In addition, a potential litter for early 2024 from Nessie x Gus that will produce some amazing Smooth coat and Rough coat pups in sable, tri-color or color-headed-whites.  

If you are interested in a Collie from us, please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire found integrated on the Contact Us page, we look forward to hearing from you! 


You can also follow our social media pages on Facebook and/or Instagram for more information and pictures!

You can also see more on our profile!

Last update: Nov. 14th, 2023


Currently Available Puppies & Adults!

High Altitude Collies has some availability in our upcoming and/or planned litters - but do not have any puppies available at this time.  Please contact us for more information!

Are you located in Colorado and interested in a co-own placement of a
young adult male Rough Collie?  We are casually looking for the perfect placement for Pike; contact us for more information!

​Occasionally we have older Collies available to just the right home for each as an individual.  If you are looking for an older Collies we recommend that you get on our wait list, so we can notify you if an older Collie becomes available that would be a good match for you!  

If you are interested in being added to our waitlist for an older Collie, please fill out the Puppy Questionnaire on the Contact Us page, and indicate your preferences!

Last Update:  Nov. 14th, 2023

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